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War on Gas Price:Kejriwal Vs.Mukesh Ambani

Recently, some articles have started appearing in the leading newspapers in support of higher price and thus,supporting Reliance and Government of India.
One article was published in The Indian Express on 15/02/2014 authored by Mr.Vikram S.Mehta—Fuelled by Ignorance—The AAP led debat
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Arvind at CII - My impression

Great nations are a product of exceptional governance and the outliers inherit their incompetency from catastrophic methods of administration. A case in the point would be China, a manufacturing behemoth and Argentina, a nation deemed to be a superpower of the future, now struggling to stay afloat in the international market. What is the common factor between success and failure of the two nations ? Governance. Read More

Hope or Disillusion?

Indra, my 4 year old daughter loves watching movies on Netflix. Last week, as soon as she came from school she took my iPhone and got herself locked in her room. I let her watch since I wanted to get my house work done. After about 2 hours I realized it’s too late. She has been watching movie for last two hours. I asked her to open the door. She refused. I warned her and she agreed. I asked her what she was watching. Read More


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