Chief Minister takes review of PDS of ration to beneficiaries

Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal took a review meeting of the Public Distribution System (PDS) of ration to the beneficiaries of Delhi. The meeting was attended Cabinet Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia, Shri Rajendar Pal Gautam, Shri Imran Hussain and Chief Secretary of Delhi apart from other senior officials.


Vending machines with biometric system discussed to do away with problems

The Chief Minister along-with other Ministers and officials also saw the demonstration of the ration vending machine and the biometric system tablet machines (PoS machines) for ration shops. The vending machine will be calibrated with the vending machine. The biometric machine will recognise the beneficiary and send the command to the vending machine to vend the amount of ration to be vended to a particular beneficiary.

The Chief Minister said that once installed the new system will solve the problems of theft of ration and quantity of ration to be given to the beneficiaries. The biometric system will recognise the beneficiary through his/her thumb impression, picture and Aadhar card, while the vending machine will dispense the exact allocated amount of ration after biometric check of the beneficiary.

The Chief Minister also asked the officials to work over doorstep delivery of ration to the beneficiaries in Delhi. This will make the process of getting ration too easy and the beneficiary will not have to go anywhere. Under this scheme, the beneficiary will be delivered his quota of ration at his address by a designated person for delivery.

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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • John Ferns

      Once AAP win the PM election, please Scrap all the CARDS (Ration, Voting, Aadhar, PAN, etc.) and Start INDIAN NATIONALITY CARD. With this INC, We can Vote, get Ration, Open Bank Account, Buy Mobile Phone Number, Pay Income-Tax, Pay Bills and Receive Government Schemes Money.

    • Khoty Mathur

      Love the way the AAP thinks outside the box. Very innovative scheme. Please tell us what the 40 services are so we can promote your scheme on social media. Beneficiaries must get their full quota of rations. They must be able to feed their families. If they are healthy, they get a chance to be productive.


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