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Mahagenco Ka Maha Power (Pawar) Ghotala

Rs 22,000 crores have been wasted in the past 3 years in Maharashtra, due to corruption and inefficiencies of the Power Ministry and its generation & distribution companies. We consumers have been forced to pay steep tariffs due to this 22,000 crores, that has been shamelessly looted by the politicians and bureaucrats of this State. Aam Aadmi Party demands that there should be an immediate inquiry into the Power Scam, and we believe if a series of simple measures are put in state the electricity bill on an average household consumer will come down by at least 50% Read More

Documents related to Nitin Gadkari

विदर्भ में एक तरफ तो किसान आत्महत्या कर रहे थे दूसरी तरफ भारतीय जनता पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष नितिन गडकरी विदर्भ में बांध बनाने वाली कंपनियों के रुके हुए भुगतान से इतने चिंतित थे कि सरकार से तुरंत भुगतान की सिफारिश कर दी. मजे की बात यह है कि भाजपा के ही दो सांसदों ने केंद्रीय जल संसाधन मंत्री को लिखित में इन कंपनियों के खिलाफ शिकायत की थी. Read More

Kya Congress Mukesh Ambani ki dukaan hai?

In the Nira Radia tapes, Ranjan Bhattacharya (Vajpayee’s son in law) is heard telling Nira that Mukesh Ambani told him –“Congress to ab apni dukaan hai.” Facts below show that both Congress and BJP are in his pocket.
Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has the contract to extract oil from KG Basin. Under an agreement of 2009 with the government, they are supposed to sell gas at $ 4.2 per mmBTU upto 31st March 2014. Midway now, RIL is demanding that the price be increased to $ 14.2 per mmBTU. Jaipal Reddy resisted that and he was thrown out. Read More

Is Government encouraging Hawala?

The present CBI Director once said that more than $ 500 billion of Indian black money was stashed abroad. A major chunk of this money is believed to be lying in Swiss banks in Switzerland. Would this money every come back to India? Developments of the last few years have given a ray of hope that if Indian Government acted tough like its US counterpart did a few years back, India also might get access to the list of those having their undeclared accounts abroad. However, Indian government seems to be more interested in helping the guilty rather than punishing them. Read More


Press Release

Date: Dec 4, 2012

In Gujarat elections, Modi and Congress “appear” to be politically pitched against each other. But documents reveal that behind the curtains, they are happy doing business with each other and with same set of people.

Modi “gifts” away 20% of GSPC’s stake Read More


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