When we were contesting the elections in 2015, we knew that to change the lives of ordinary citizens in Delhi it was essential to improve government schools. It was essential that every child had access to high quality education irrespective of whether they were rich or poor. But I have to honestly admit that when I became CM in February 2015, I did not know how we would do this.

Today, two years later, I can say with great pride and confidence that a remarkable transformation has taken place in the government schools of Delhi. This is nothing short of an education revolution and the results show it. Last week, we celebrated the performance of Delhi’s government schools which achieved a pass percentage of 88.3% in CBSE Class 12 results – a clear 6% higher than all CBSE schools nationally and substantially higher than Delhi’s private schools. For two years now, government schools have performed better than private schools in Delhi. Last week, we also celebrated the achievement of 372 students from Delhi’s government schools who cleared IIT-JEE examinations this year – a 700% rise over last year.

There is so much poverty in our city and our country. There is only one solution to this and that is high quality education. If every child from a deprived background gets good education, then within one generation, every family can pull itself out of poverty. This is the change that our nation needs because only an educated nation can become a developed nation.

AAP government’s achievements in education, health and several other areas are also the achievement of every single volunteer and supporter who has sacrificed immensely to make AAP what it is today. Our work has only begun and as we march forward to deliver on the dreams and aspirations of crores of people, we ask for your support and participation in every single step. Beginning with this monthly newsletter series, we will communicate regularly and directly with you and we promise to listen carefully to what you have to say. Start today by making a small contribution to AAP to build the India of our dreams.

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Ravi Brahmapuram

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