Aam Aadmi Party held it’s Delhi State Office-bearer convention at Punjabi Bagh today. The meet was presided over by AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi State Convenor and Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai, along with Cabinet Ministers Satyendar Jain, all AAP MLAs, Delhi State Office-bearers and thousands of volunteers of the party were present at the event.

National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal addressed the gathering, setting the agenda for the party organisation. He said,

The people of Delhi have given us the responsibility to govern the city and we will continue doing that with compete honesty and sincerity. The difficulties being faced by people of other states are not faced here, and we want to ensure people that those difficulties will never arise in Delhi on our watch.

On the one hand, the children of Uttar Pradesh are dying because of a lack of oxygen supply, and on the other, the people of Delhi have access to quality healthcare for free. Not just have we made medicines free, even expensive surgeries are now performed without charging citizens for them in Delhi. People are also accessing and utilizing the Mohalla clinics for free high quality primary healthcare, that provides faster treatment.

In other states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, the private schools continue to loot parents by arbitrary hikes in fees. But in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party government has disciplined private schools. These private schools are now returning excess fees to parents and depositing them in the High Court.

When we had all come together in the fight against corruption at Ramlila Grounds and Jantar Mantar, our objective was to create a better, stronger nation. We are still working towards that goal and every single AAP volunteer will contribute towards this mission.


AAP volunteers will ensure each child of Delhi has access to quality education and each resident has access to quality healthcare

The National Convenor also announced today that every polling booth volunteer will take the responsibility of ensuring that every child living in his or her booth has access to education. Booth volunteers will routinely check for out of school children in the area and get them enrolled in a government school. They will also engage in a regular dialogue with parents whose children study in government schools and help resolve any issues that their children may be facing in schools.

CM Kejriwal also said that the booth volunteers of the party will reach out to all families in the booth area and connect families to healthcare facilities of Delhi Government in case people are in need of them. Volunteers will share their personal contact details with voters and help them when they are in need of government healthcare.

Watch his full speech here:

सबको शिक्षा, सबको सेहत हर कार्यकर्ता को इस काम पे लग जाना चाहिए

Posted by Arvind Kejriwal on 10 ಸೆಪ್ಟೆಂಬರ್ 2017

‘Bawana by-poll results have shown Kejriwal is in Delhi’s people’s hearts’: Gopal Rai

Delhi State Convenor also addressed the gathering. He said

After Punjab and MCD polls, opposition parties and some sections of the media had begun to write off the Aam Aadmi Party. But the results in Bawana have shown that Arvind Kejriwal is in the hearts of Delhi’s people.

The AAP has been strengthening it’s organisation in Delhi and under this exercise it has appointed communication in-charges at every level to establish a direct connect with voters, as announced today by CM Arvind Kejriwal. The party has seven Lok Sabha units, divided into two districts and 10 Vidhan Sabha units each. Communication in charges at every level in the organization will reach out to voters and resolve any issues that the people are facing in the time to come.

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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • Angelo Pais

      Excellent job by our Aam Aadmi in Delhi. Water, Food, Healthcare and Education are the primary needs of citizens and AAP is making sure these are easily available. Cheers AAP

    • Gautam Shah

      Excellent. Come to Gujarat election assuring people of Gujarat with quality healthcare, education and fight against corruption leading to better and efficient governance.

    • Krishna

      Excellent job done in Delhi. Please come to Maharashtra to do the same kind of work. Your party is indeed needed here. My best wishes with AAP.

    • R.Singh

      Why can’t we emulate Canada health service provisions?There,every family has a medical officer,whose duty is assigned by Government.He is always approachable by the family.It is he ,who checks up the sick of the family and prescribes the appropriate treatment including referring the case to various ,specialists/hospitals etc.

    • R.Singh

      I have given my suggestion about health care. AAP is doing excellent job in the field of education also,but in my opinion,if we really wish to be national party,we have to give some emphasis on other vital areas also.,One of major area in this respect is farm sector and village empowerment.Farm sector includes profitable farming methods for marginal farmers.(majority of Indian farmers are marginal farmers having 5 acres or less farm land holding).making cow as centre of farming.Proper irrigation without big dams. development of village industries,taking the help of experts,who have developed such methods. If we really want to revolutionize villages,we have to prepare a national vision document for it and promise to implement if we are brought to power.

    • Vineeta Johri

      I am very impressed and highly appreciate AAP work in Delhi in almost every field even with limited rights as Delhi is not full state.AAP doing amazing work specially in education and health.AAP born to change politics and it proved its worth.”jo kaha wo Kiya ” .Best wishes AAP.Wish to see in many more states.


      In the state of Telengana Corruption is Very High.

    • A M THOMAS

      Excellent job done by Aam Aadmi party in delhi. Amazing work specially i the field of health and education .

    • G. Karuppiah

      AAP is doing excellent service to the citizens of Delhi.AAP is pioneer to provide health&education without any burden to people. Most of places people in political power robbing citizens in health &education by investing in it. AAP should extend their services to all over India to eradicate viral of corruption exists in our country more than sixty years.

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