In the afternoon, AAP MLA Somnath Bharti was called by one the residents Sri Vivek Raja and then by few others informing AAP MLA of a fake raid at the house of Sri Ramesh Ahuja, Owner of Delhi Electricals, at B1/26, Malviya Nagar. MLA Somnath Bharti reached the site immediately. After hearing the crowd and the victim family, Somnath Bharti took Sri Ramesh and few other residents in his car to the police stations around 2 PM.  SHO Sri Sangwan and ACP Sri Rajkumar were busy on phones which later learnt was to get in touch with DG (Investigation) of CBDT to verify if these were their people and genuinely on an authorized raid or not. The accused persons were in their custody and one of them was in the front room sitting in the public interaction room on the sofa and smiling though with a plastered hand. Mr.Somnath Bharti questions to SHO Sri Sangwan were not satisfactorily answered. To his question that these people would have asked the police to act against those who gave them beating if they would have been genuine, SHO gave a very evasive answer. He have been told by the relatives of the victim family that police wanted them to settle which possibly explains the time police was buying in the name of searching number of DG(investigations). Mr. Somnath Bharti used his sources to know that the ID card used by these people was fake which even a constable could find out. We captured all the moments and the pressure finally brought results and Mr. Somnath Bharti was informed by SHO at 8.52 PM (after almost 7 hours of that they have lodged the case vide FIR no. 363/2017 and sent the accused persons for medical.

After 3-4 hours of continuous monitoring of the case by Somnath Bharti resulted into the lodging of the case but the time taken by police in ascertaining the genuineness of the imposters which was absolutely unwarranted warrants an explanation. Explanations provided by SHO Sri Sangwan, ACP Sri Rajkumar and DCP Sri Ishwar Singh for the delay in lodging the FIR and giving the criminals treatment, not what they give to criminals ordinarily, smell of something else. Sri Ishwar Singh, without being alleged that he was shielding the accused, told Somnath Bharti that he was not shielding the accused persons. When confronted that SHO and ACP were spending hours to find out whether the imposters are actually imposters, he has no satisfactory answers.

It could be political pressure or something else but it would be worth investigation.

  • Who was getting exposed needs to be found out?
  • What extortionist group/racket do they belong to?
  • How long this racket has been going on? Who is the end beneficiary of the racket?

As per Mr. Ramesh and other witnesses, the imposters came in the morning and immediately took away everyone’s phones and did things which a genuine IT raid team usually does then got their safe opened and took away 20 lacs in cash to their car but when family members demanded the authorization of this raid then they mumbled and started saying that it’s not income tax but its CBI to which they belong to. The suspicion grew further and the family members and nearby residents (Who gathered hearing the shouts of the family members) locked them inside the house and gave real beatings. They had come on a Haryana number car. Imposters were 7 in number as claimed by police and 1 of them succeeded to run away saying that I was on deputation, as shared by police which makes no sense to him. Mr. Somnath Bharti smell a bigger racket and the matter should be investigated by CBI under strict monitoring by a court in a time-bound manner so that real beneficiaries of such rackets can be found out.

It is most pertinent to highlight that in the recent times there have been sudden surge of serious law and order problems which was never so with my constituency and police has remained evasive on answers when demanded an explanation. On 09.09.2017, owner of Shivam Store was murdered right in his shop with no clue on his murderers to the best of my knowledge. Robberies and murders have become rule rather than exception.

AAP MLA Somnath Bharti Said “BJP ruled Delhi Police has failed to secure the concerns of my constituency. Strange that with such failures on their face, Honorable LG though allowed formation of MP chaired District level committees because they all belong to BJP but disallowed formation of MLA chaired Thana Level Committees because 66 out of 70 belong to AAP. Through Thana Level Committees MLA was allowed to have say in law and order concerns of the area which AAP demands to be restored without any further delay.’

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Ravi Brahmapuram

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    • srinivas

      Linking of Aadhar Card : The risks involved.
      Got this from a friend. Brilliantly argued…. Pl share widely…
      This is the current conundrum facing the Supreme Court.
      The dangers of Aadhaar/UIDAI isn’t about privacy or data security alone. It is far bigger. It is about how much power you as an individual, surrender to the government.
      To those who support Aadhaar and/or the government, indulge me for a moment. Imagine, and I repeat imagine, for a moment that there is an anti-BJP or Congress government at the Centre or worse, an Army general who manages a coup and then declares an Emergency. The last time it happened, opposition leaders, including LK Advani or George Fernandes went underground. They masked their identity, travelled across the country, raised money and garnered people’s support for their activities against the government. None of this will be possible any more.
      Under such a circumstance, just switching off your cell phone won’t be sufficient to avoid the government tracking you down. Thanks to Aadhaar, you won’t be able to withdraw money or make any transaction using even a debit card. The government is linking Aadhaar to train tickets and boarding passes. You won’t be able to travel.
      Being a centralized database, it just takes a few seconds to switch off your Aadhaar authentication. That can deny you your own money, deny you any movement, deny you any form of communication. You can’t hide behind an alias. It is linked to your biometrics. The government doesn’t need to even arrest you. It can just deny your existence in a matter of few seconds. You aren’t dead, but you can be termed dead in a matter of few seconds. You can be Switched Off!
      As databases get more and more linked – property cards, tax filings, joint bank accounts, school admissions, – it takes another few seconds to identify your family members. And extend the same denial of existence to your family, friends or anyone who you have done any relationship with. Switch them off!
      Such acts don’t even require a declaration of Emergency. A Facebook post that isn’t liked by someone powerful enough can trigger this in a matter of moments. Switch Off.
      The problem with Aadhaar is that it is centralized, and it owns you. You don’t have access to your own trail or data, but someone else has unilateral access to you, anytime. And it stores data, for seven years or even more. No law is sufficient. Aadhaar shouldn’t exist.
      We don’t need rights or protection for Achhe Din. Rights and protection are meant for the bad times. But it is during the good times, it is important to not lose sight of how bad times can be and what we need to protect about ourselves.
      The likes of Nandan Nilekani are now saying that is a security issue and then point fingers at Android, iOS or Facebook which too owns a lot of our data. It isn’t similar Sir. None of them have executive powers over me. I have some notional ability to delete them, sign off. They can’t Switch me Off. His argument is akin to saying – “look, we have built a grand, free house for you to live in. Yes, the columns of the house aren’t strong enough, but hey, there are other houses in towns that also have weak columns.” Sir, with all due respect, you should have built protection first before giving birth to a Frankenstein.


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