The Aam Aadmi Party won the by-election for Bawana Assembly constituency with a massive margin over the Bhartiya Janata Party, which ended up a distant second. AAP candidate Ram Chander got 59,886 votes which translates into a whopping 45.39 % of the total votes cast. The scale of this victory has reinforced Delhi’s faith in the AAP government led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

CM Kejriwal thanked the people of Delhi for endorsing the party’s brand of clean politics and giving their stamp of approval for the government’s work over the past two and a half years.

Volunteers and supporters of the party celebrated the victory at the Chief Minister’s residence, where he addressed the gathering:

This was the first election the party contested under newly appointed Delhi State Convener Gopal Rai. He also addressed volunteers:

The Bawana by-election was conducted using Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) units, unlike the MCD election in April, 2017. The AAP has been demanding that VVPATs be compulsorily installed with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), in order to restore and increase faith of voters in the electoral process. Delhi State unit’s Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj tweeted, pointing out the extent of difference in vote shares and results between the MCD election and the by-election.

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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • John Ferns

      AK should visit each constituency to inform about the Ideology of AAP.
      Education Minister should visit each constituency to inform about the Education Reform.
      Health Minister should visit each constituency to inform about the Health Reform.
      Water & Electricity Minister should visit each constituency to inform about the Water & Electricity Reform.

    • Gurmeet Singh Randhir

      EVMs without VVPAT is a open fraud
      with the trust of Indian public in the Electoral System. How can we claim to be Largest Democracy in the world, when our EC can’t ensure free & fair Elections in the country.

      Let’s get back to voting by Ballot Paper as is being done by all major countries in the world. They’ve no faith in EVMs,
      which have been found to be easily temperable.

      • John Ferns

        You are 100% right.
        Rich & Developed Countries has thrown their EVMs in their dustbin then Why ECI is so eager to bring those EVMs to India?
        Election should be held with Ballot Paper to give honest result to honest Indians.

    • arvind

      This win should not distract us from the task lying ahead. We should take the victory in our stride, behave as a mature political party and continue to traverse on the path that we chose after MCD elections i.e., perform silently without inviting confrontation with LG or the Modi Government and strengthening the party infrastructure at ground level. Even if we have to confront LG or the Central Government, it should be done in a decent manner

    • uday Kumar.V

      This Victory of AAP proved Three Things
      1) With EVM froud BJP cannot even win an assembly election. BJP wave is media-made hype, with the support of crorepathees, on mutually beneficial basis
      2) People want clean politics, and AAP is the ONLY alternative opposition in India.
      3) People hate the communal BJP and corrupt congress

      • John Ferns

        You are 100% right
        1) If election is held with EVM in 2019 then definitely BJP will win in full majority and if election is held with Ballot Paper then definitely AAP will win.
        2) AAP is the future of India and Indians.
        3) BJP is a Communal Party and Congress is a Corrupt Party and AAP is a Honest Party.

    • Keshav Agarwal

      Do not Overplay. Motto should be to clean politics, not grab power. Keep on education reform. Higher Education Institutions are in short supply. We should find a way-out. Even the capacity of private institutions for higher education need to be added. With excess supply, they will have to be competitive by way of cost and performance.

      • Quality education

        Adding too much of number will generate engineers, many of them will not be employable anywhere. So need to take this step carefully. More than higher education, vocational training enabling people to become employable is better option. As an example, CDAC diploma after engineering gives better result than M.Tech from private universities.

    • Abdul Moin Khan

      The fact is the difference and people to believe that EVMs were tampered (claimed by many political parties) it seems was correct during last parliamentary election. Anyway if Election Commission is committed for fair elections, new method will certainly give some good results in next parliamentary elections and boost to honest politics. Also some of my friends has written above regarding power grabbing. I support AAP to grab all powers in order to implement the rule of law honestly. Its worthless to mention how ruling central government has misused the power against AAP through departed LG and Delhi Police against AAP. Also to say that Politics is not a pious game where majority of opposite party comes with new strategy and plots everyday. In the end truth always prevails.

    • John Ferns

      AAP must see that all Assembly Elections are conducted through Ballot Paper. Only Ballot Paper can give True Government to the Honest Indians. EVM can be Manipulated and give False Government to the Honest Indians.

    • Khoty Mathur

      Can’t find the video of the old lady saying she wouldn’t take a rupee from your opposition – not even if they offered her Rs 50,000.

    • John Ferns

      AAP should demand BALLOT PAPER Voting System in India. All Developed & Rich Countries are using Ballot Paper then why India is shying away from using Ballot Paper Voting System?
      AAP-GOA had won around 10-12 Seats but because of EVM manipulations, AAP did not got even one seat! To confirm this, AAP should demand VVPAT Counting. VVPAT was connected to all 40 Seats and hence AAP-GOANS deserves one chance to Verify!

    • Razak

      Great Job. AAP your governance is transparent.
      Long Live AAP.


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