The AAP government constructed Mohalla Clinics at 5% the cost of a dispensary, and made medicines free of cost. Health Minister Satyendar Jain explains the economics of it.

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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • rina

      good work

    • S S Dubey

      It is very good approach.
      At same time it should be taken care of the employee of the private clinic education and welfare.
      Efficiently use of resources is very good but behind it should be taken care the there should be exploitation of the employees.
      May we think expenditure behind the leaders and his his outcomes against a privet NGOs / agencies providing the same out put.

    • Chander Parkash Sehgal

      Good suggesion

    • Tushar Bhatt

      The move is worthy to be appreciated by every one.WILL MODI FOLLOW HIM,TO INTRODUCE THIS IN ALL OVER INDIA ??!!

    • satish

      Good Medical facilities, Good Education, Good water and Good infrastructure are the expectation from our Public, AAP you are moving the right direction and helping them to achieve the same, please follow your good work and reach the people at the root level that will help AAP in their next election as well and people will realize the truth as well.

    • tushar

      good job dear AAP

    • A.P.Suri

      Arvind Ji You and your party is doing very well under all the constraints but sometimes i worry about whether you shall be allowed to work at all.

    • Dr Bhosale Shankar Bapu

      Aacche din came in AAP government in Delhi
      We want AAP government in center
      One day AAP PM we want to see in center
      All the best
      AAP ka Apana

    • mahavir jain

      Best Work don by AAP Government Mohalla clinic. Thanks to Arvind Kejriwal Sir & Satyyndra Sir

    • rakesh yadav

      I appreciate AAP government for aam aadmi mohalla clinics.

    • Kulwinder singh

      Well done sir. You all doing well but massage should be delivered to all

    • ashok sehgal

      How do you get RWA officials involved in setting-up and functioning of Mohalla Clinics ?
      How Mohalla Clinics are going to be monitored ?
      Whose is going to be responsible for its maintenance and smooth running ?
      What is AAP’S volunteers role in it ?
      please clarify !

    • Frankie Mathias

      Fantastic idea and fantastic deliverables. This what happens when there is no cioorruption.

    • S Subramaniam

      This message must be carried through out the country. Health for all can be made a reality. Key point that budgets must be output based.

    • B S MURTHY

      Really great. Let all other leaders emulate you.

    • Pramod Kumar

      Well done sir.

    • Viswas Menon

      Keep it up …keep continuing the good work …Do more and more projects that benefit the common man .


      From the very begining I have appriciated the clean governance of AAP but some bad fish who enter the party through dubious means for personal gains bring bad name to the organization. I suggest that Central leadership should conduct camps of party workers to train them in giving selfless community service to people to make AAP an ideal party.Bad fish should be expelled at the very signs of impropriety without caring for temporary loss to the party.Providing ideal educational and medical facilities in hospitals,mohallas and schools is great achievement of CM Kejriwal’s team .May God bless him strength to serve Delhi for at least 10 years and people will start seeing the difference.

    • John Ferns

      AAP is doing a great job in Education & Health Sectors
      Investing in Education & Health Sectors will make Educated Indians and Healthy Indians

    • dr amitkumarahuja

      it is indeed a fantastic idea , to implement and to serve people f delhi, keep ur good work up, focus on work

    • abhishek

      Well done!


      Does any one know that the greatest welfare you can do is when you look after the health of the people . Historic performance by Kejriwal and his companions . In the true sense of the words Arvind’s performance should be emulated by the so called leaders with different hollow talks . Hats off to this man .

    • Sandeep Kumar

      Keep setting examples like this. Future is bright!


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