CPIM who lead All India Kisan Sabha to a historic struggle of farmers in Maharashtra which received huge public support have surrendered the Goodwill and trust at their own party village at Keezhattur, Kannur.


The national highway bypass alignment was changed for business interests via the paddy fields of Keezhattur. Since then Wayal Kilikal, the Keezhattur village farmers community of communist comrades, raised the red flag for the protection of agricultural land. These villagers were in constant protest and hunger strikes for their lands. They never surrendered before the attacks from CPIM. Many comrades were expelled from the party too for protesting against the LDF government.

While CPIM comrades were celebrating the Kisan Sabha Rally in Maharashtra, Keezhattur villagers raised suicide threats by dampening themselves in Kerosene.  Soon after arresting the protesters, CPIM goons in the command of branch secretary attacked and burned down the protest shed.

Behaviour pattern of any party will be the same when they get the rulers mantle. CPIM who came into power declaring not even a piece of paddy field will be land filled, where mute spectators for last 2 years, permitting encroachment and land filling of agricultural lands. The question remains that what had the Pinarayi Vijayan government did so far for saving the agricultural lands and wetlands, also the Wetland conservation law is still not implemented. CPIM is working for the interests of the investors in the party. CPIM clearly sent out the message that the LDF government wont hesitate to let the land fill happen again, its evident from the Keezhattur protest.

This coalition between ruling party and government for corporate and business interests was seen in Nandigram. There DYFI fired in police uniform but in Kerala instead they unleashed comrades to attack the protesters and burn the shed.

Once the notification of land acquisition is released, it should be acted only after listening to the people who get affected by it. But in CPIM party villages no such rule is relevant as it is clear that the decision to divert highway alignment through Keezhattur paddy fields was made within the CPIM Party office. Once they have taken a decision it becomes an unquestionable dictate and once such a draconian decision is made nobody should dare to question it, not even the party comrades. Active party cadres including old women are in the protest front as farmers. Even P Jayarajan dared to insult comrades like Janaki  Chechi. CPIM is using its party power and also government and police against the Wayal Kilikal community who is striving for the protection of paddy fields at keezhattur. But no authoritarian power can suppress a public struggle as such.

Does Pinarayi Vijayan think that arresting those comrades who is even ready to submit their life for the cause, will make the struggle weak and a failure ? By torching down the protest shed CPIM torched the legacy of protest paved by Comrade P Krishna Pillai. Those who claim and inherit the legendary path of AKG, and lead the farmers struggle in Maharashtra should realize that never AKG would create a situation for such a protest shed to come up, and or himself would be in the protest.

CPIM leaders including chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan will have to answer and ask pardon, if they have a little idea of what happened in Bengal and Tripura.

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