The Ministers of Law, Cultural Affairs & SC-ST Welfare, Government of Kerala, Shri A. K. Balan and Minister of Archeology & Museum, Government of Kerala, Shri. Ramachandran Kadannappally called on Chief Minister Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal at his official residence in Delhi today along with the other members of delegation.

Both the ministers of Kerala Government, Shri Balan and Shri Kadannappally informed the Chief Minister, Shri Kejriwal about the Art and Cultural, History and rich Cultural heritage of Kerala. Shri Kejriwal also told them about the brief history of Delhi, its’ cultural heritage and love of the people for peace, communal harmony & brotherhood.



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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • John Ferns

      All Honest Indians must support Arvind Kejriwal to make India a developed Country.
      Arvind Kejriwal has good intention. He will fulfill all his promises given to his voters.
      Let us pray to God to make Arvind Kejriwal, a Prime Minister of India.


        I too join with John Ferns in his prayers to God!

    • Sakleshpur Sitaram

      Wonderful confluence, people from gods own country, most hardworking people, most successful people in the gulf meeting one of the most qualified, successful chief ministers that Delhi has ever had.

      AAP is gaining reputation, due to its good work, as one of the most popular and fast growing parties of India, commended internationally as well. God bless the people of Kerala, Delhi and this country hopefully with good AAP governance in the future.

    • Darshan Singh

      All of us should strive for such persons to come for development of the country as a whole irrespective of any cast creed, religions and regions of India. More particularly – equitable distribution of wealth among masses.


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