Delhi’s government schools hosted the Mega Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) on 1st September. Like he always does, Education Minister Manish Sisodia visited several schools to meet and interact with parents and children. One of the schools he visited was the Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya (RPVV), Hari Nagar. RPVVs are premier government schools and are most sought after by parents. There are limited seats and admission is granted on the basis of merit.

After completing his visit, as the Deputy CM of Delhi was walking out of the school, he noticed there was a large tract of land and also an old, unused building within the premises of the school. He instinctively remarked to the Principal of the school,

Yahaan toh ek badi sports facility ban sakti hai (This space is ideal for a large sports facility)

The Principal was elated. He said, “Yes sir, I will immediately make the proposal to the department.”

Mr Sisodia then pointed to the old, deserted building and said to an official accompanying him, “Note down this school’s ID. Let’s demolish that building, and build a large new structure here with at least 40-45 classrooms, along with science labs.”

An old, rundown building on the school premises, in the distance

This is why Delhi’s education reforms have found tremendous success. Delhi’s Education Minister spends all his time thinking about making Delhi’s children’s lives better, providing them better education.

The AAP government has already built 8,000 new classrooms in the last two years, and 10,000 more have already been sanctioned. Sports facilities are rapidly being developed for children. One government school in Delhi became the first in the country to be equipped with a field hockey astro turf. Swimming pools have been built in many others. Athletic tracks are also being added to playgrounds.

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    • S K JAIN

      Dear Shri Manish Sisodia ji
      there are thousands of govt schools in delhi .My suggestion is what ever improvement is done should be of general nature and not school specific.Unless majority of schools comeup with an action/plan the pace of improvement will be slow.
      i suggest ….OPEN ONE SECTION IN EACH GOVT SCHOOL AND GIVE OPTION OF ALTERNATE SYLLABUS …if more students want alternate stream open two/threee or more sections as needed……Let existing stream be persued those wish to persue it …no force…only offer …..
      Reasoning with a true story…..
      i share a true event related to need of introducing Alternate education stream for those who do not want to be doing higher studies like Doctor,Engineer,llb,CA etc……but want to study till class 12 and share other but important jobs needed in our society….like farming helpers,cook,rikshawala,autowala,dhaba walla,sabjiwalla,panwala,coolie,courier boy,sales boys,girls,waiters,security guards,domestic help,petrol pump attendents,hospital helpers,petty shop keepers,hawkers,venders,news paper distribution,milk venders,armed forces personnel,artists,actors,beauty parlour attendents,barbers,gardeners,safaiwalas,and crores of housewives specially in rural areas who just want a basic education……WHY TEACH THEM SAME SYLLABUS TILL CLASS 12 AS THAT OF DOCTOR/ENGINEER OR CA etc…….WHY TEACH THEN TRIGNOMETRY,GEOMETRY,CALCULUS,LAWS OF MOTION,CHEMICAL EQUATION BALANCING,PYTHOGORUS THEOREM !!!
      My plan……
      1 at class 6 give an option of alternate stream for students .No force .people can continue the existing stream or alternate stream repeat no force only option.
      2 in alternate stream we will teach basic english,basic hindi, basic local language ,basic arithmatic,basic information on municipality ,transport ,railways,airline, hygene,body parts,diseases like malaria and preventions,diet,swachh bharat,art ,music,indoor games,out door games,yoga,moral value stories and videos,basic cooking,gardening,farming,main indian cities,our neibouring countries,what is crime,what is punishments for theft ,molestattions law presumes ignorance of law is no excuse…so add one chapter or two on basic knowledge of laws,including traffic discipline,floods,causes,planting trees importance,rivers and their cleanliness etc etc……
      Fron this group ..we will make well informed humans and citizens…..we will get good players and artists from them……..we can train them on rifel 303 make a backup defence througgh NCC ETC….
      STORY////////…One day i was in mayur vihar 1 market .i saw a young boy selling corn /Bhutta .ON THE PAVEMENT.I asked him to make one for me.while he was making it…..i went into conversation……i asked him ..are you studying.
      Boy…..yes sir.
      Me….in which class
      Boy…class 6.i just came from school .my mother is domestic maid in nearby society and my father is attendent in atta chakki ..lakshmi floor mill .i will do sale of bhutta for 2-3 hours and then i will study and do home work given by school.
      BOY…..SIR i just want to do work in a small shop of my own.i will study upto 12 if i could otherwise i will discontinue study as it is very tough …((all talk was in hindi)
      i thought why we are teaching so tough syllabus in class 6 if boy has no use of it ….not persuing higher studies …..
      i think we must offer alternate stream as option and our abouit 100 crore People including housewifes specially in rural areas and other cityzens not persuing for Engineer,Doctor,CA stream …why they should be forcibly taught same syllabus…….we should give them to choose option at class 6 for a lighter stream…….
      even students who persue the existing stream …if choose to shift to alternate stream may join at any stage……
      Please look into all aspects of this suggetsion ….before rejecting/accepting.i offer to make your foolproof scheme of alternate stream with full subjetcs and topics from class 6 to class 12….totally honorary…


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