What we want is ‘Swasth Bharath ‘ !

70 years before this day India became a republic nation in accordance with a Constitution. The day we all concur that its the rhythm of life for the people of the nation. Our constitution sums up India’s historical diversity and features. The nation stands only until the Constitution prevails. It considers elements like reservation, which deal social justice historically, a fundamental right.

This republic day is crucial.
Many times in before times rulers committed anti constitutional moves. The emergency declaration in 1975 and the changes made to the Constitution were severe among those. But just one and half year after, people savored the Constitution and corrected their mistake in the election.

In 2014 we brought a government which claims not to uphold the crux of constitution and disrespects it. Securalism is a ridicule concept for them, fundamental rights are against developer for them, dissident voices are suppressed with heinous crime and violance. The rich Savarna ideology is being established. Dalits, minorities and the poor are sidelined from the mainstream. Made laws to destroy reservation. Constitutional institutions are de activated. Election commission, reserve bank, CBI, UGC were all compromised. Its not amusing that these cult who were not part of the independence struggle which lasted for 2 centuries, who apologized and supported the foreign, does not abide by the Constitution or law.

This year this rulers seek peoples verdict. They would seek asylum in constitution until they win with EVM only. If they make a come back, further republic days would shrink to rituals.

The message of this republic day for this year is just one and only oath that we would safe guard the sovereignity, secularism, socialism and democracy of the republic, Our India.




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