The Aam Aadmi Party government’s Mohalla Clinic project has received endorsement from all quarters over the past two years. A recent study by the Delhi-based think tank Centre for Civil Society revealed that 88 % of patients treated at Mohalla Clinics reported above average satisfaction with services provided at the Clinics. The project has touched lives of millions of Delhi residents. However, leaders of the Opposition and the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal, are bent on stalling the opening of new Clinics.

The file for setting up of new Clinics was sent to the L-G in May for his approval, after which leaders from Opposition parties filed frivolous complaints regarding the functioning of the Clinics. The L-G sent the file to the Vigilance Department, which sat on the file for over a month and a half.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia who has charge of Vigilance called for the file to ensure speedy disposal of the same, but the L-G asked the department not to show the file to the Minister. Soon, the Vigilance Department sent the file to the L-G office, after which there has been no progress for more than a month.

The Health Minister received a letter from the Vigilance Department on 29th August containing a gist of vague allegations regarding the Mohalla Clinics. Within minutes, the Minister responded asking for a list of specific complaints which he assured he will look into himself. He also said that not opening any new Clinics was not the solution to the problem. Read his letter here:

A large delegation of Aam Aadmi Party MLAs have sought time from the L-G to urge him to clear the file at the earliest. As representatives of the people, the AAP MLAs have expressed their deep concerns over the L-G office’s speed of operation in this matter. Delhi’s dengue-chikunguniya season is arriving, and there is an urgent need to upgrade the city’s primary health services. Unfortunately, the L-G has not thought it important to meet elected representatives on a matter of such grave urgency.

AAP Delhi unit Chief Spokesperson and Greater Kailash MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj makes a pertinent point here:

Even if Opposition parties have registered their complaints against some Clinics, does it mean Delhi’s residents should be denied primary affordable healthcare? This is extremely insensitive and inhumane on the part of the BJP, the Congress and the L-G office.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also requested the L-G to sit across the table and sort out the matter at the earliest.

Are you a resident of Delhi and feel this is against your interests? Please write to the L-G now requesting him to approve the Mohalla Clinics file:

Shri Anil Baijal
Raj Niwas
6, Raj Niwas Marg
Civil Lines, New Delhi – 54

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Ravi Brahmapuram


    • sanjay semwal

      Hello Sir,

      I feel if the mohalla clinics are successful and providing facilities, they should be opened more and more, if there are any queries and doubts then these should be discussed , surveys conducted if the clinics are benefiting the public, if yes then then more should be allowed to open. In my humble opinion delhi is place with huge lower and middle class population where medical facilities should be easily available within approachable distance.

      Thanks and Regards
      Sanjay Semwal

    • Bhraman Rattan

      LG Baijal ji
      Please don’t play politics with the Health of people of Delhi.
      And clear the file immediately.

    • S C BANSAL

      LG Sahib must clear the Mohlla clinic file by approving them immediately as it concerns the health services for Delhites which are must in the season of Chikungunya and dengue diseases spread without any delay

    • Sunder Srinivasan

      Yes I am totally in agreement with you on this very important matter.
      The common man wants good medical care and he is not interested who gives him. Let this not be a one up man ship.

    • C K Mukhopadhyay


    • S K Sanghavi

      Mr. Baijal you are an appointed public servant. Your job is to work for welfar
      e of public. If there are specific irregularities in the Mohalla Clinic proposal, list them & ask govt to correct those. Else just sign the proposal. Don’t act as BJP agent, please, is my humble request.

    • A Panchapakesan

      If the LG fails to approve the Mohalla clinics immediately , he will be held responsible for all the deaths of the Poor & he will be stamped as a merciless Murderer. For once please do not try to please BJP. Have some hear towards the betterment of the poor.

    • anand tuteja

      LG Sir, pls clear the files for speedy setup of mohalla clinics….something good is happening in delhi and ur misdeeds favouring others is only denying citizens of delhi some good services.

    • Sanjay agarwal

      Health and education are two most imp. Aspect of human life if Delhi government wants to do something imp in these fields than it should be encouraged and hope LG will do the needful

    • Indraneel

      Dear Shri Baijal, Whn you came in after the exit of Najeeb Jung and we saw pics of you and the Delhi CM we were very happy to see the bonhomie and thought that the elected Govt. of Delhi is in matured hands. May we please request you Sir to let us remain in our such positive thots and for God’s sake do not try to thwart Delhi Govt.’s good noble work … I am sure yr benevolent looks and matured being will not give way to unwind full Politics of a negative kind as it surely will give you a bad name … Much regards to kindly give it a positive thrust which it so rightly deserves.

    • Ram

      Mohalla Clinics earned appreciation globally. Then you obstructing an elected Govt is MORALLY improper. Need to uphold decisions of the elected Govt, any bias against is against the dignity of the position you are in.

    • Prashant Rao

      “Former Secretary-General of United Nations (UN), Mr. Kofi Annan, has commended Aam Aadmi Party’s flagship Mohalla Clinic project that is aimed at providing free primary healthcare to city residents in Delhi.”

      I hope Mr. Kofi Annan applause is enough for you to clear the Files as soon as possible.

    • Kevin D'Souza

      LG sahab request you to please allow the Delhi govt to construct more mohalla clinics. This is a very noble and helpful initiative.

    • Raj

      What is the next step if LG is not approving it or any other work. Please complete all the formalities and then move to court. You can give reference to UP in court, then it will be responsibility of LG if anything such happens in Delhi and most important please make people aware of such things not only thru social media, but thru regular meetings, as many people dont know where is the delay in your work.

    • Nomaan Butt

      Mr. LG Baijal,

      I am an NRI and I see the good work Delhi government has done, the foreign governments acknowledge the usefulness of Mohalla clinics, it is a shame that central government is playing the politics over the health of the citizens. Please do not be a part of the shameful politics being played over this very noble scheme of Delhi government. Show that you are bold and righteous in your actions by letting the Delhi government work.
      No one is blind and we all can see what is right and what is wrong.

      Satyameva Jayate!!!


      Our Dear LG of Delhi,
      Sir, you are representative of First Person of India (Present).
      Even though your appointment is done by PMO thru HM, your duty is to look after larger interest should the welfare of Delhi residents. Please make speedy decision and responsible as well. Leave the politicians at the mercy of the people.
      Respected Regards

    • Jayan

      LG clear the files at he earliest. It has been in your office since May.

    • Nikhil VJ

      Respected LG and his superiors at Centre, aren’t there more honourable ways of defeating your political opposition that sitting on files and preventing development?

    • Prabir Haldar

      Dear Mr. Baijal. I am a co-resident of yours in Greater Kailash-2 and also suffered with Chicken Guniya last year. Sir, chicken guniya does not discriminate between the political parties, cast, religion or income status. Let’s work towards making Delhi a safe and favoured place to stay.
      I visited the Mohalla polyclinic a few months back and is of the view that this kind of facility is important as the every Delhi resident has to be protected for such nasty virus which can also spread by our driver, domestic help etc to us even.
      Please join hands above the party lines and immediately pass the file for fast implementation of primary health centers across Delhi.
      Thanking you in advance to make our city “a healthy city” to be proud of which is represented by you as the first citizen of Delhi.
      Prabir Haldar

    • Anees

      I wish LG would clear this ASAP. This is a project that benefits the citizens. There is no politics here.

    • Ronak Shah

      Supreme Court and the public must put pressure on these thugs. This is the only solution.

    • Sourabh

      HONORABLE L-G Of Delhi
      Please understand What dillites Want.They want clean Delhi they want Better health Better education…plz do not waist Time for playing politics like Bjp& Congress..You are the FIRST CITIZEN OF DELHI we all looking up to u…plz take stand whether its yes or no…we all want to know that Do you care about dilli wala or care about Some mean people who is sitting in Center Govt…it’s a humble request Do whatever u want to do but Do fast…

    • Jerome Dcosta

      Dear Shri Baijal, if you are honest you will clear the file.

    • Marie Joneja

      The mohalla clinics are an innovative measure to provide basic health care to the common man. The complaints/ issues need to be addressed quickly so that the work can continue even better than before. People’s health should not be the victim of politics.

    • kussh

      Lakhon ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante. Baijal, Vijendra Gupta, judges etc all know that the citizens of Delhi are softies. Thats why these provocative incidents keep increasing. Wonder when the dam of toleration will burst or maybe vipassana dulls away the frustration and pain.


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